Natalie Ruth – Random act of kindness

Yesterday I committed a random act of kindness in Matt’s name… I donated the tournament shirt I purchased and $10 along with my thank you card that told a little bit about Matt and asked that he think of Matt and possibly pass on a favor someone/random act to keep it going.

Lias Arellano – Matt’sGame

Lisa, Anne, and Michael, Matt’s aunt and cousins checking in from Redondo Beach, CA. This is a wonderful tribute to Matt. He was a wonderful young man who left us to soon. We miss him and will remember him forever.

Alex Heppner – Love you Cuz!

I love being able to listen to the game today! It reminds me of all the times when we would all gather around the family computer to listen in to the game. Mom would always check in and we would be cheering even though we were in Illinois. Love you Matt, always loved watching you play. Missing you every day.

Johnny Baeza –

I helped broadcast a lot of Matt’s games at Cedar Park as a producer working alongside Brad Cone. Although I never met Matt personally, it seemed that he and his family kept the broadcasts rolling along with emails from all over this great country of ours. These broadcasts are the memories Matt and myself have to share with both his family and mine. RIP Matt and Thank You!!!

Anita Brock – Mel

Today is the first time I could write you with john gone it was hard but I had him for 57yr and Matt was stil a baby we both will miss them everyday for the rest of our life Mel know I love you

Lisa H. – Great young man!

I’ll never forget randomly running into Jay, Melanie and Matt at the theater in Manhattan Beach so many years ago. I was with my (soon to be) husband and Jay was with his new love. Melanie was delightful, but the handsome young man who kept poking his head over the back of his chair to sneak a peek at me was captivating. He had such a fun, positive energy, already evident at such a young age. I’m guessing Matt was about 8 years old…

As Matt grew older and became an exceptional baseball player, I was fortunate enough to watch a few of his games when his team traveled from Texas to southern California. I had not seen Matt in a few years and he had matured so nicely. He was bright and still fun-loving… and so darn handsome! He had an entourage that had followed him on this trip; these friends were always close and he was always the center of attention. What more could anyone want for their child? Talent, happiness, quality friendships, a loving family…

Over the years I learned more about Matt’s epilepsy. I learned it was curious in its presentation. Despite normal triggers, Matt’s condition was never predictable. I remember commending Melanie, Jay, and Matt for their approach to the disease – they made sure they had the best advice modern medicine could offer while allowing Matt to live a rich and full life. As a mother to three young children, whose heart aches as I type this, that is the approach I hope I would have if the tables were turned. Matt was happy and had so much fun in his time. He was surrounded with love and support – that is what a life should be about, no matter how long or short.

Love to Melanie & Jay, and Matt’s entire family, from the Hoopers! xoxo,